International projects

Supply of a comprehensive range of Products and Services for healthcare, including hospitals, clinics and analysis laboratories. From the supply of a single medical device or product to the study for the infrastructural / engineering realization of large hospital complexes. In addition to this, we provide service, operating and maintenance solutions for medical equipment.


Sincronis can rely on more than ten years of experience in producing offers to International Tenders, held by Non-government Aid Structures (such as Italian Cooperation, ONU, World Bank, WFP, etc..) and by Government organizations and private companies. This activity was developed within Sincronis after many years of intense consulting activities for the production of complex offers for the so-called “Turn-key Projects” for the supply of hospital departments or entire health facilities, in particular for the part relating to medical devices.

Thanks to a highly specialized structure specifically dedicated to this activity, to the excellent relations with national and international OEMs, and to the collaboration with leading primary technical-commercial companies, Sincronis has managed to win (in joint venture with the aforementioned companies) several tenders.


Whether it is a single first aid module, a mobile laboratory or a complete field hospital, Sincronis is able to provide the most suitable and complete solution for the realization of mobile modules for health care and diagnosis, supporting the customer from the planning stage in finding and providing the most suitable structural, technological and logistic solutions to meet their needs.

The partnerships with the most important manufacturers of modular mobile solutions, medical devices and support equipment have allowed Sincronis to participate as a protagonist in the creation of the largest military field hospital ever built: 100 beds with essential facilities and medical devices for this kind of supervision, starting from the diagnosis and treatment of the most common pathologies, up to the treatment of people affected by chemical, bacteriological or nuclear attacks.


Whenever it is necessary to implement health facilities of any nature and size quickly, while guaranteeing durability over time, the modular prefabricated solutions provided by Sincronis are perfect, specifically designed and engineered to guarantee top-quality clinical results.

Thanks to the experience gained and the partnerships referred to in the previous point, Sincronis is able to propose customized solutions for the numerous organizations potentially interested in this type of structure: Institutions to help developing populations, Companies engaged in long-term activities in remote places, Governments with particular logistic needs, etc.

If you need to find a structure that is able to guarantee particular and interesting features and peculiarities (rapid construction, low costs, implementation of special technological solutions, durability, design flexibility, etc.), the Fast Implementation Healthcare Solutions by Sincronis are the right solution for you.



  • Developing projects for healthcare structures (Clinic and Hospital Design from preliminary concept through complete working model)
  • Developing offers and technical specifications for Global Service tenders
  • Developing offers and technical specifications for Medical Supply international tenders
  • Detection of the best technologies for a certain situation or need or business
  • Support to enter new technologies in the market


Any kind, any technology, any origin, any price of medical device you need, Sincronis is able to give you the right solution.

Thanks to his huge experience in turn-key projects and in international tenders, as well as to great relationship with all main medical devices manufacturers, Sincronis can analyze your real needs to find the best equipment for you, choosing between many different OEMs (high, medium and low level), many different origins (from US, Europe, Asia, etc.), many different technologies (from the most proven technology to the last found), and many different prices (from the most expensive to the cheapest equipment).

Started form Italy, during the last 10 years Sincronis was able to develop its International Sales Force to buy and to sell all over the world, becoming also the “International Supplier” of many different, primary manufacturers.


In addition to the installation and start-up of biomedical equipment, we provide numerous other services to ensure more efficient use of the equipment.

  • Resources selection and training
  • Intensive professional practical training on the correct use of biomedical equipment, to provide machine operators with the knowledge necessary to manage and safely maintain the equipment entrusted to them

We provide professional services and turnkey solutions worldwide.
Our Sincronised team is experienced and certified.