For healthcare facilities

The characteristics of Healthcare Facilities are extremely different, ranging from large Research Hospitals to small Medical Centers and their needs cannot be equivalent.

This is why we want to work alongside our customers, understanding what they really need and finding the most appropriate answers.


A team of highly qualified technicians on specific technologies with a high maintenance impact, supported by our dedicated laboratories.

  • Rigid and flexible endoscopy
  • Ultrasound
  • Dentistry
  • Ventilation


Healthcare Facilities have a great variety of biomedical devices and it takes great expertise and experience

  • Specialized staff for the most important typologies
  • Synergistic collaboration with the Manufacturing Companies
  • Effective procurement of spare parts and accessories on the international market
  • Complete digital management of local and central spare parts warehouses


It is a state-of-the-art efficiency, can it still be improved? We consider it as our daily challenge.

  • Safety checks, preventive maintenance, performance checks
  • Complete digitization of the activity
  • Update of data in real time
  • Individual validation of each intervention form
  • Over 100,000 interventions / year
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Web based software, available in two versions:

Clinical Engineering” masters the complete management of a biomedical device inventory with the full control of typical processes: testing, maintenance, repairs, contracts, etc.

Producer Company” commands the complete management of the technical service, including customization of registrations and reporting.

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