For manufacturing companies

The Manufacturing Companies of biomedical devices are very demanding in the quality and efficiency of the service: this is why we are thrilled with this work and we want to gain the trust of our Partners with the strength and completeness of the results we achieve.


In our specialized laboratory of over 1,000sqm:

  • Devices sanitation
  • Repairs
  • Periodic maintenance and performance checks
  • Devices and spare parts warehouse
  • Logistics

Over 20,000 interventions / year on different types of devices


When the devices cannot be moved or the Customers have specific needs, all maintenance interventions can also be carried out at the Health Facility sites.

  • Coverage of the whole Italian territory
  • Over 10,000 interventions/year
  • On-call service


The data relating to the devices, the maintenance carried out and in progress are important for everyone.

This is why we have digitalized all our activities, with a complete information management in real time.

Do you want to interface with your proprietary information system or do you need to share maintenance activity data with your customers? We have many ready-made solutions.


Targeted and effective interventions ranging from simple aesthetic interventions to complex disassembly, cleaning, reassembly and calibration operations.

We can operate on many categories of devices, even for very different size and complexity, with a ten-year experience staff.

Logistics is essential, both to manage storage and shipments, and to ensure the timeliness of the result.


As first we focus on seriousness and organization, but we also rely on:

Specialized and constantly updated staff

Dedicated internal IT team

Strong optimization of logistics, handling over 40,000 devices / year

Specific expertise in all aspects of Quality for Medical Devices (ISO 13485)